Mobile Marketing

Did you know that the average consumer is only in front of their computer around 2 1/2 hours a day, yet have their phone with them 24/7 and virtually never turn it off?

  • There are more Mobile Phones on the planet then automobiles, TV’s, computers or credit cards.
  • 53% of people use their Mobile Phones for up to an hour while shopping.
  • 57% of people report that they want to receive Mobile Coupons on their phone.
  • The question is….. are you engaging your prospects or customers ( in ANY way) via Mobile?
  • Facebook has well over 500 million users and over 100 million are active mobile users.
  • Now days a “Socially influenced search” is 78% more likely to get you your next customer than a cold ranking in any common search engine
  • You can get more business to your business in one hour from a single “TEXT MESSSAGE” than in one year from a search engine listing……IF you know what you’re doing. And that’s a big IF.
  • Over 88% of all Mobile users have a TEXT enabled phone.
  • In the age group 14-42, over 80% of these people use TEXT MESSAGING.
  • And unlike email, TEXT MESSAGING has a 95% or better open rate within 30 minutes, which means your customers SEE your message, and they SEE it in a timely fashion- when you send it, ( and while your still open).

We can show you what to do, how to do it, and if you prefer handle your whole MOBILE MARKETING campaign. Call today for a FREE consultation on how the future of marketing is here today, and how to get the jump on your competition before they do the same to you.

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