Cable TV suffers biggest decline in 30 years

By Tom, on November 18th, 2010

So why is cable TV a newsworthy topic on an Internet marketing blog?

Because it illustrates another factor in the accelerating trend of consumers going online for virtually everything they want; news, weather, sports, movies, games, shopping, banking, investing and networking with family, friends and business associates.

Let’s face it, small businesses struggling to survive in this challenging economic climate simply don’t have the time to keep abreast of trends in technology.  The paradox is that occasionally those technological developments may offer the one thing that could cause the business to thrive.

In other words, if you knew that hordes of potential customers were to congregate in one place for a public event, would you not consider an advertising buy that would reach those targeted prospects?  Of course you would, it makes sound business sense and is good utilization of your advertising budget.

Small Business Survival Plan

This is exactly what a well-implemented search engine optimization and social networking  plan can do for your business.  When a prospect searches for your products or services, your website appears in the organic search results.  This is the same as advertising your message to that horde of potential customers we mentioned above except they’re not all in one place or searching at the same moment.

Possibly the most important benefit of SEO is that once in place, it can literally work forever.  I have websites that get thousands and thousands of unique visitors every month without spending one penny on advertising or promotion.  Once you have optimized your web presence you can focus on the other things that need attention, like running your business.  Or maybe you might want to watch some TV.

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