Who is advertisingagenciesnj.com?

Well let me ask you this.

If someone was searching for your product or service online would they find your business?

Where does your site rank on GOOGLE? YAHOO? BING?

Most advertising agencies and marketing companies have no idea about what they are doing when it comes to online marketing. Most of these “Self Proclaimed Experts” and advertising agencies are just plain out of date when it comes to today’s strategies that are important to implement if you want to compete in the modern day business environment.


  • 95% of companies will never reach $1 million in Annual sales

  •  95% of the remaining 5% will never reach $5 million

  •  98% of them will never reach $10 million

  • Only one in 25 companies even last ten years    

In today’s economic climate can you really afford to throw your hard earned money away on Advertising  and Marketing ideas on techniques that are simply outdated and don’t work any more?


Businesses are relying on the same old methods, same old mediums, and don’t either understand or even worse are being misguided by unscrupulous marketing companies and sales people that are just worried about commissions and not the best interest of YOUR business which is your bottom line and a consistant flow of new and sustainable clients.


  • Do you know what your attrition rate is?
  • What kind of advertising and marketing are you doing today?
  • How many selling and marketing methods do you currently use?
  • How many new and potential selling and marketing methods have you tested in the last 12 months?
  • Is your business being marketed tactically or strategically?
  • Do you have comprehensive databases of your prospects and buyers that identifies everything from names, contact numbers, type of buying, what they buy, what they didn’t buy, where they originated from, quantities of past purchases, etc.

In 2008 51 Bil dollars was spent for online advertising in N. America.

By 2012 that number will exceed 51 Bil. surpassing print, radio, and TV.

Where will your company stand during this historic change?

Call today for your FREE web-site audit. 

Our experts at www.advertisingagenciesnj.com will show you where your site ranks, who your competitors are, and what we can do to bring more targeted traffic to your business.

Call: 856-424-7222 and we’ll show you how we’re different from other advertising agencies.


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